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I was a Healthy child and never had to go to the doctor. We had vegetables, a salad either with fruit or greens along with the rest of our dinner.  We very seldom had dessert.

After a couple of years working at GM, I developed Bronchitis. The doctor told me I needed to take a multi-vitamin.  I asked “What kind?” he said, “All vitamins were the same” and suggested “One-a Day plus Iron”.

In 1978, a neighbor invited me to hear Nutritionist, Diane Petoskey, talk on the Differences in vitamins: how they were made and what they did in your body.  This is when I first heard that "all vitamins were not created equal".

She said, Dr Forrest C. Shaklee started his company in 1956 after curing himself from Cancer with Herbs from his family farm in Iowa.

I began using the Shaklee products to improve my life of Stress, Depression and needing extra Energy working at GM.  I was told to start with Instant Soy Protein and Vita-Lea (multi-vitamin/mineral) and I would feel a difference in 30 days or I would get back all my money!  I was told the B vitamins were the “happy” vitamins and an important vitamin for the nerves and healthy emotions.

I started using Shaklee Get Clean 'non-toxic' cleaners, anti-aging skin care line, hair care, personal care line, BestWater RO and the AirSource 3000 air purifier.

My eyes water because of sensitivities to emotions, the sun, perfumes, and chemicals.  Vitamin C is essential if you have Allergies, Sinus problems & sensitivities since it is a Natural Anti-histamine.

Working 60 hrs a week (no choice) at GM I developed Tendonitis.  I did not have much strength in my arms.  The doctor told me that I also had Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I started taking a couple of Alfalfa since it is a Natural diuretic.  It is a Mini multi with many, many nutrients because the Alfalfa roots grow so deep.

Anyone with Health issues that end in ‘itis' has an Inflammation problem and would benefit from Alfalfa.

I later added Ultra-Pure OmegaGuard for reducing the Inflammation since I hit my head on the metal part of the visor in my car and had slight whip-lashes plus jammed my knees at the dashboard in both rear-end and head-on accidents.    I knew Omega was good for the Brain along with Lecithin and Mental Acuity Complex (opens my blood vessels in the base of my head - I take this when I feel congested).  In 2014 MindWorks was introduced. Additional Clinicals being done at U. of Florida on MindWorks.  I also take the Advanced Joint Health Complex when my knees bother me.

When I was in my 40s, I developed ‘Essential Familiar Tremors’  please see my story on it.

What medicines do I use?  NONE!  You see - if I have a pain or feel sick or my eyes water because of sensitivities - I Just Treat It MYSELF and Will Continue To Do So NATURALLY!            

Last Year, my friend, Loretta's Labador dog had a Kidney problem and took her dog to the Vet.  The Vet put the dog on a special food diet along with 1 aspirin. He told Loretta to find a good source of Omega's.  Loretta said she only takes "Shaklee" and the Vet said "so did he and felt they were the Best vitamins".  Her Lab weighed 100 lbs.  I also suggested: 1 Vita-Lea without Iron [Loretta breaks the tablet in half AM & PM], 1 CarotoMax, 1 NutriFeron [1/2 in AM & 1/2 in PM], along with 1 OmegaGuard.  Loretta expressed that the dog's energy level has increased just like when he was "young".  He was 9 years old at that time. 

My Shaklee Business started when I told people about the Shaklee Difference and the 100% Money-back Guarantee.  

If you have any questions PLEASE Contact me thru this website.

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