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Be Healthy  

Written by my friend, Renee Lombardo, RN                 

     We are one of the wealthiest nations.  We have a tremendous amount of food available to us.  Yet we are one of the most poorly nourished nations!  We spend more money on sick care than any other country in the world!  We are living longer, but not any healthier.  7 of the 10 leading causes of death are directly related to what we eat, e.g. heart disease and cancer.

     Each of your body's cells requires protein, vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals to function properly.  If you don't treat your body well, and give it what it needs, it will break down!  What you eat determines how healthy you are.  Is there anything that you still eat that you know you shouldn't?  Nobody forces us to eat poorly.  Try making healthier choices.

     Your body sends out 911 calls all day long: Anxiety, tiredness, headaches, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc.  Your body is exposed to cancer-causing agents everyday.  Even if you and your family are presently healthy, it will be taken from you if you continue to treat your body poorly---feed it junk food---eat the average American diet.

      I was introduced to Shaklee in 1995 because of my oldest daughter.  If she did not have ADHD symptoms that drove my husband and I crazy, we would not have talked to other people about our concerns.  Ironically, my mom's neighbor spoke about my daughter with a Shaklee distributor, at our church's fundraiser.  That's how it all started. I spent the next 6 months looking at other "reputable" natural food supplement companies from nutritional and health food stores, e.g., GNC, The Vitamin Shop, Whole Foods, and Zerbos.  Shaklee was the only company out of all of the companies that I contacted that sent me research data about the purity and effectiveness of their natural products!

     Things happen for a reason.  I believe that I was introduced to Shaklee in order to help other people.  Had my daughter not had the problems that she did, I never would have pursued an interest in nutrition (I had limited exposure to nutrition during my Bachelor's Degree in Nursing).  

     The Shaklee Corporation is different. It is a wellness company!  They only sell products that promote health: Supplements made from real food and herbs, Shaklee 180 Weight Plan Program, non-toxic biodegradable household cleaners, hair care, skin care, personal care products, and water units. Their products are important to me.  They work great!  They make people feel better.  Shaklee has helped me a lot.  I have an abundance of energy and never get sick!  My son once had a speech and language learning disability.  I believe that it resolved itself due to good nutrition and Shaklee food supplementation, as well as special education at an early age.  If you give the body what it needs, such as nutrients for normal brain development, it can repair itself.  My son now excels in reading and spelling!  I have also seen so many ways that Shaklee has helped other people.  It comes with a money back guarantee that if you don't feel better, you get your money back!

     I used to think that all vitamins were alike.  This statement doesn't apply to anything else.  All cars are not alike.  Some are good and some are lemons.  Vitamins are not all alike.  There is a difference.  Shaklee's work!  They are high powered food tablets that your body recognizes and knows what to do with!  Shaklee's supplements are concentrated food!

     If you are concerned with having to take too many vitamin pills, just think of it this way.  Do you count how many peas or how many kernels of corn you eat during a meal?  So why should you count your Shaklee?  It is just food!  Take the amount that works for you.  If you have major health issues you are dealing with, you often require more than the average person.  Sometimes you just think that you can't swallow pills.  But mind over matter.  Your body will do what you tell it to do, e.g., swallow vitamins that are necessary to improve your health.

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