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 Shaklee will set-up a Special Website for You.   When the people Change Brands to Shaklee products that they use every day: hair care, Anti-aging Skin care, Natural Vitamins, Non-GMO protein shakes, energy products, sports drinks, weight loss, and Non-toxic Cleaners.   All the Profits will go to you!  There will be NO charge for this website to maintain.

 Please Click on the tab 'Contact Me' for more details of how SHAKLEE can BENEFIT your FUNDRAISER and/or NON-PROFIT

 In 'About' you would place your information to share so the public would be aware of the Non-Profit / Fundraiser.

Your members and the public can purchase the products at a discount or retail thus your Non-Profit and/ or FundRaiser will reap the benefits plus use products that are 


Shaklee is an Environmental Company that has won numerous awards including the first Climate Neutral Award.  Our Shaklee Home Office in Pleasanton, CA. has carpet, walls, lighting, climate all based using Environmental products.