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Essential Familair Tremors

When I was 20 years old my mom, dad, sister and I went to Scotland to sightsee and visit relatives.  One of my Great Aunt's head and hands were shaking terribly.  My mom thought she had Parkinson.   My mom's head would shake sometimes and her hands also. We later found out it was Essential Familiar Tremors.

When I was in my early 40's I noticed that the paper or song book in church would shake slightly.  This was the first time that I was aware I too had Essential Familiar Tremors.  When I carried a plate of food it looked as if I was 'popping corn - up and down' and my cup of tea or glass of water would sometimes 'jump out' spilling on the floor. I sometimes had a Hard time cutting my food because of the shakes.

I worked at GM updating the computer for incoming and out going parts plus a variety of other computer and office work.  I was a salary worker that worked 60 hours, no choice.  I had a 'smile on my face' and always said "Hi" to everyone, but on the inside - I was Depressed - STRESSED!

My hands would start shaking - sometimes more then other times and when it got real bad with the Stress my head even shook.  I was embarrassed but I never went to the doctor because I did not want to take drugs [with all the side affects] plus I did not want to lose my job. 

On August 8, 2008, Shaklee introduced VIVIX at our New Orleans Global Convention.  1 tsp was suggested to take after breakfast or lunch but never after dinner.

After a month of using Vivix, I noticed that my hands were shaking less and after a few more months (about 3 months) I was shaking slightly. On the Birthday Celebration of Vivix I now can carry a plate of food and a drink without spilling - most of the time.

In 2014 Shaklee introduced MindWorks an advancement in Brain Science.  I take 1 MindWorks tablet in the morning & sometimes I in the afternoon.  I also take 2 New Vivix Liquigel capsules for my Essential Familiar Tremors and I am Recommending it to others with Tremors.  I suggest MindWorks, OmegaGuard, and optional Lecithin (works on the nerve endings - good also for Shingles) for anyone with Alzheimers - all people with memory problems and especially since I was in the 2 accidents where I hit my head on my visor.  At work I walked into a just cleaned window panel that looked like an open door.

I take a variety of Shaklee food supplements to keep me healthy.  I feel it is important to read what your body needs.

   I Do Not Take Meds AND Will Continue To Do So - NATURALLY!